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Wizards can deliver your extension directly to your mobile using a highly available Multi Net SIM. Working on both smartphones and feature phones and delivered using either a conventional SIM or eSIM it means all VoiP or 3CX calls are delivered using the included minutes over the cellular network. 

All Phone Types Supported 

Clearly you can run these perfectly normal SIMs and eSIMs in any mobile but assuming you wish to run this alongside an existing mobile contract all you need is a handset that supports dual SIMs which is near ubiquitous now.

Android/iOS and Feature Phones Supported

Highly Available Multi Net Service; one SIM to Access All UK Networks

These SIMs default to the Vodafone and O2 networks, should they be unavailable they will default to EE which means maximum availability across all UK networks. The SIMs/eSIMs run across all UK networks maximising availability and roam like home in UK, EU27 and USA.

Calls are made and received through your 3CX or other VoIP PBX are delivered over the cellular network meaning data is not required for calls only. The choice is either a conventional hardware SIM or an eSIM and monthly packages are either calls only or calls plus data; we can deliver the package built to suit the requirements of your business.

Extension Functionality Included 

  • Blind call transfer 
  • Assisted call transfer 

Service Benefits 

  • True mobile, fixed line and MDM (Mobile Device Management) integration in one powerful solution
  • Complete control of your mobile communications and devices
  • Reduced mobile costs with added granularity on expenditure.
  • True fixed-mobile convergence without apps.
  • Management via a modern, full featured, scalable, flexible and secure cloud-based API.
  • Integrate mobility into existing business applications.

Sending Text Messages From Your 3CX Extension

Text messages can be sent from your second SIM and eSIM equipped phone and all texts are recorded. This feature is delivered outside of the 3CX PBX and is a low monthly cost option and requires data is purchased.

Additional Bolt-on Options (Chargeable And May Require Data)

  • Call and SMS recording
  • Push to Talk over cellular 
  • Lone worker solutions

To understand more about these and other services contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use sales@wizards.co.uk