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Email Services

Wizards can host your domain and provide full feature email with as many mailboxes, aliases, etc., as you require. Check out the following table for the package that suits you best call us now on 0333 241 7707 or mail sales@wizards.co.uk.

TierMailboxesMailbox sizeRespondersAliasesGroupsPer Annum
 Custom Call/ email and chat   

Setup information

Incoming can be via IMAP or POP. IMAP allows you to store email on the server, and to view it via the Webmail interface. POP downloads it to your local machine.

Note that once your domain setup is complete you should be able to use the servername within your domain – e.g. “webmail.mydomain.com” – but the following names will always work.


  • Server mail.interdns.co.uk
  • Port 143
  • Alternative port 1143
  • See below re encryption


  • Server mail.interdns.co.uk
  • Port 110
  • Alt port 6110
  • See below re encryption

Outgoing Email

  • SMTP:-
  • Server smtp.interdns.co.uk
  • Port 25
  • Alt port 2500
  • Alt port 587
  • See below re encryption

Please note your OUTBOUND email MUST be authenticated with your username and password. Most email clients allow you to tick a box for “user same credentials as POP or IMAP incoming” but some insist you enter the information again. 

Note On Encryption

We suggest you enable TLS (StartTLS) on your client for encryption. If that’s not available, e.g. on an iPhone, you would choose SSL. WHEN you choose SSL, your client will change the port number automatically. CHANGE IT BACK to the above ports – we use the same ports for SSL as regular/TLS.

Webmail: Your Options

Note that if you use POP for your incoming email, emails only remain visible via Webmail until the POP client deletes them from the server. This is under your control, we generally suggest 1 month. 

This should be everything you need to set up your clients for the new system, but if you’re stuck, call us now on 0333 241 7707 or mail sales@wizards.co.uk.

Importing emails from other services

If you have emails stored on a server on another system, e.g. Tidymail, you can import them to your new Mailbox automatically. Log in to the control panel, find the list of mailboxes, and click the “Suitcase” Icon. You will need to know the server name, username, and password of the old system as well as your password on the new system. The process happens in background, takes around 30 minutes, and, sadly, can’t import the read/unread state so all imported emails will show as “unread”.