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*Note – 0300 Numbers can only be used by charities, public bodies and non-profit organisations and cannot be used by individuals or businesses. 0303 or 0333 are available to anyone.

VoIP Phone 0303 Numbers and 0333 Numbers are local call rate numbers meaning any caller from anywhere in the UK calling you does so at the local call rate. Lots of reasons to consider such numbers including:

  • Call Routing. Calls may be flexibly redirected to any destination including overseas on demand which means calls are answered in different call centres according to the point of origin of the call and/or time of day.
  • One Number Principle. Organisations with more than 1 location may advertise a single national phone number rather different numbers for each locale.
  • Location Neutrality. Geographic numbers are by definition linked with specific areas. Non-geographic numbers deliver a mechanism of broadening the geographic area they appear to cover and obviates the need to change phone numbers in the event of relocation or expansion.
  • Resilience and Disaster Recovery. Standard geographic based landline numbers may become unreachable in the event of a fault or damage to the telephone network in that specific area. Non-geographic numbers mean incoming calls can be easily redirected to alternative locations as required.
  • Local Call Charges. Using 0303 and 0333 numbers means all calls are charged at the local rate or included in any pre-paid minutes wherever in the UK the call is placed. 

Geographic Numbers

We can offer ranges of any UK geographic numbers very cheaply giving you a presence wherever you like in the UK. This enables you to test local or regional advertising by publishing the local number, counting and reviewing responses via your VoIP system.

When you are ready to talk about 0303 and 0333 and geographic numbers free plus any other services contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use sales@wizards.co.uk