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When you are ready to make the move call us now on 0333 241 7707 or mail sales@wizards.co.uk.

To illustrate how straightforward the VoIP Phones migration process is please see our YouTube video showing how our onboarding process works:

Wizards Onboarding Process


Migrate Numbers

All organisations have published numbers they need to continue to operate so to maintain continuity migration of current numbers including extensions and DDIs onto any new system is vital. For Wizards, migrating numbers as part of the change in business phone systems is a simple everyday task. We just ask that you DON’T cancel any services before agreeing a timetable with us; cancelled lines means numbers are lost for good.

Here’s a video showing how we deal with migrating numbers:

Wizards Number Migration

Drive Down Costs With VoIP Phones

Wizards will build your VoIP phones system based on your particular requirements. Wizards are able to offer arrangements with you owning phone hardware or included as part of the monthly fee. UK landline and mobile calls are typically included with monthly fees and where there is upfront cost we would look to show a return over a period of months on that investment against current charges. Cost reductions come through elimination of various fixed costs such as ISDN rental, PBX maintenance and call charges. Overall we would look to substantially reduce your outgoings on telephony as well as delivering a much more flexible service allowing working from home and on the road plus increased reliability.

Easy to Manage Moves Adds and Changes

Another fundamental for any business; you can either access a simple easy to use interface meaning you can manage the changes you need or we can manage them for you.

Enterprise Class Unified Communications

Again, it’s important for any business phone system to deliver like a large company and presenting an enterprise class unified communications service is a key part of just that. Wizards can deliver integration of voice, instant messaging (chat), presence information, voicemail, voicemail to email, extension mobility and DDIs, audio, web & video conferencing plus desktop sharing, data sharing, electronic interactive whiteboards etc. Also included seamless integration with your CRM, hunt groups ensuring phones are always answered and twinning your landline with your mobile.

Easy to Manage Call Answering, Diverts and Forwarding

These are very straightforward and importantly for any business phone system no new skills are required by you or your staff.

Call Recording

Again this is an option in your business phone system Wizards can enable if and when required. Some organisations need to record all calls where others need to record on demand or not at all. Whatever your need, talk to us and we will build a solution around your exact business phone requirements.

We have many customers who have made the migration for analogue to VoIP Phones and here are a few examples

Case Studies

Wizards have helped many clients make the move to VoIP Phones and here are a number of case studies

Gosport Borough Council Adopts 3CX From Wizards Ltd


Westminster Drug Project Adopts Wizards 3CX Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)