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Business Broadband options are usually fixed line at your premises which in turn are determined by the availability of the network in your location; to review that please contact Wizards on contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use sales@wizards.co.uk. Your options are, taking these from worst (slowest) to best are follows:

There Is No SLA On Broadband. Outages Can Take 7+ Days To Fix.


After dial up this is the longest established form of Broadband. The acronym stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and is a broadband connection operating through the copper wires of existing phone lines. It’s relatively low bandwidth means it is mainly used for home broadband and some small businesses. The asymmetric nature of ADSL means upload speeds are typically 5-7% of download speeds which vary considerably depending on location and more especially distance (length of copper wire) from the exchange. The peak speed you can get with ADSL broadband is 24Mbps and in 2021 speed in urban areas was typically 14.7Mbps, more than double the speed of rural areas, where it was 6.2Mbps.

This can be represented diagrammatically like this:

Fibre Internet Access FTTC and where Available FTTP and GFast

The entire UK network is being upgraded to fibre so these technologies are being rolled out and becoming more widely available especially in urban areas. Again while these technologies will deliver substantially more bandwidth than ADSL actual real life performance is driven by many factors including actual cable lengths from the exchange. One of the many advantages to adopting these technologies is the fact that replacing network equipment means newer and hence more reliable hardware.

Wizards have access many databases that confirm which of these are available at your address so please contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use sales@wizards.co.uk.

The various types of Internet connection are as follows:

Fibre to the Cabinet Diagrammatically
Fibre to the Cabinet Diagrammatically

This delivers adequate bandwidth and capacity for most homes and small businesses and is most commonly available Internet connection especially in urban areas.

SoGEA Schematic
SoGEA Schematic

SoGEA is a new variant of FTTC and is discussed in detail here

Fibre to the Premises Diagrammatically

This delivers higher speed and capacity than FTTC but is less commonly available as it requires fibre from the street cabinet to client premises, an upgrade to local networks which is not been widely made.

GFast Diagrammatically

This is a special high performance variant of FTTP limited again by the local network upgrade to fibre completed and by the maximum cable run to the street cabinet of 500m

4G/5G Internet Connectivity Diagrammatically

This is commonly the choice where there is no network cabling, limited to ADSL only, the real network Internet connection is temporarily unavailable (such as severed cables in the road) or used as a fallback for the wired connection.

Lease Line Diagrammatically

There Is A Service Level Agreement (SLA) On Lease Lines Guaranteeing Bandwidth and Availability.

A lease lines is a permanent dedicated connection running over permanent cables laid to the client premises and delivers a guaranteed capacity and bandwidth supported by a service level agreement with the network supplier. Lease lines used to be restricted by price to major corporations; these services are declining rapidly in price and are becoming much more affordable. However we would counsel that the connection may be subject to ECCs (Excess Construction Charges) which put simply are charges for burying or laying the cable from the street cabinet to the building and may require certain permissions to cross land the buyer does not own.

To discuss your options please contact Wizards on contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use sales@wizards.co.uk.