All Analogue Services End in 2025
All Analogue Services End in 2025

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The End of Analogue Phone Services: What Are Your Options

The end of these analogue phone services means your telephone equipment is obsolete and you must make changes to the way your services are delivered. Wizards can help here firstly with migrating your phone services, keeping your numbers and adding more options with an adaptable system built around your changing needs.

Your Numbers; Migrate and Retain Plus Add Others

How Numbers Map on  a VoIP Service
How Numbers Map on a VoIP Service

Your VoIP Options

Wizards have a number of options and we can build a solution built around your business, it’s budgets  and changing needs:

  1. Access anywhere via email voicemail.
  2. Seamless transition to replacement with zero break in service.
  3. Retain all existing numbers.
  4. Add new numbers geographic and non geographic as required.
  5. Calls routed to other numbers (typically mobiles) should internet connection fail.
  6. Call forwarding and call transfer included.
  7. Simple to manage digital receptionist, voicemail, call redirect, recorded announcements, hold music etc.
  8. PC softphone available enabling calls from PC/laptop.
  9. Caller ID, caller display, 1571 and return calls included. 
  10. Redirect calls on command included.

We can deliver other options too; handset included or you own handset outright. This is a sample list of the features available please contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use and we can discuss your requirements.