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3CX WebMeeting Vs. Conference Calls

3CX WebMeeting Vs. Conference Calls

All 3CX licences allow conference calling, where a call is initiated, and further calls added to it on ad hoc basis. Conference calls can also be scheduled with internal and external callers assigned an extension number that that they call dial into. This is a standard feature of most modern VoIP solutions and far from unique to 3CX. The limitations here will be the number simultaneous calls that are supported by bandwidth available on the connection, the licence itself and/or the number of Sip channels available on the service.

Far more useful is the 3CX WebMeeting facility that delivers video and audio conferencing or can be used in audio only mode. This allows for the creation of a URL which is sent to the other parties with a meeting request allowing the user to schedule a conference and the audience to join at the appointed hour. All 3CX licences include this with paid for licences allowing either 10 participants on the Standard Licence or 50 on the Pro Licence.

Access to the conference is by the user clicking a link and unlike standard conference calling you cannot access the meeting via a standard landline number however you may access from a smartphone, so participation is either free over WiFi or included in participant’s data allowance. As we know the 3CX smartphone app is also free and users can initiate video calls from their smartphone.

Additional functions include screen sharing, meeting recording, remote control and assistance.

PowerPoint Sharing

3CX WebMeeting also facilitates sharing PowerPoint presentations enabling you to quickly and easily present to clients or colleagues. Giving PowerPoint presentations using the WebMeeting facility means you can also see clients’ faces when delivering the content. The system also allows you to collaborate writing and editing PowerPoint presentations. These two features between them deliver significant cost savings in terms of staff costs, travel time and frustration.

Online Whiteboard

Another feature of 3CX WebMeeting is online whiteboard sharing allowing you to easily share documents and files with colleagues or clients. Again this is a zero cost feature that will deliver significant savings to the business in terms of staff time and travel.

So, other than a mike and speakers or headset on a participant machine, no additional equipment is required to initiate or participate in a 3CX WebMeeting. As we can see the system is highly featured, simple to use and cheap to use and participate in delivering many advantages against simple conference calls. 

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