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3CX: Host In-House or In the Cloud?

3CX: Host In-House or In the Cloud?

Accepted practice has always been to buy software outright and run it on your own hardware in house. This is especially true of PBX systems that have long been in the “box on the wall” in most offices. And it’s equally true of 3CX; it is perfectly acceptable to run this up on your own server hardware in the office and many clients choose to do so. Wizards believe cloud hosting offers many advantages vs hosting in house and we aim to illustrate how these choices work. Looking at the 2 options graphically we see:

So, the questions are: 

  • Do you have dedicated IT staff?
  • How many locations do you operate out of?
  • Do you need flexibility over the location of employees?
  • Answers to these questions should dictate your choices. 3CX is relatively easy to run and manage, especially if like Wizards you deal with it and other soft PBX clients daily. Even if you have in house IT staff, can they learn this technology quickly? Are your existing IT staff already working at or near capacity anyway? Is running your in-house phone system what your IT staff want to do or is there something more productive they could be doing? What would happen to your staff’s capacity to run your phone system if one person left? What is the view of your IT staff; do they want to run your PBX? Have you asked them? Are they part of the vendor selection process?

    The location question is relevant from the perspective of system availability. A single server on a single Internet connection is 2 (yes TWO) single points of failure; in the event either resource fails you lose the system entirely meaning you cannot make or receive calls.

    Finally, there is the question of how the system is used. Do you need to make moves adds and changes in response to staff turnover? Do you run marketing campaigns advertising special numbers for specific time periods? Is the business completely stable or do you need to expand/shrink quickly in response to seasonal or business changes?

    As we know 3CX will deliver a unified comms solution, bringing together telephony, mobility, conferencing and instant messaging among other things but before embarking on the question of how best to approach the hosting of 3CX or any other soft PBX solution there are a number of subtle issues you need to address and this is where Wizards experience expertise can assist.

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