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How Hosted 3CX Increases Service Availability

How Hosted 3CX Increases Service Availability

Wizards are frequently faced with the client question “Why shouldn’t I host 3CX myself onsite?”

And it’s a fair question. The traditional approach to software is hosting it yourself onsite, on your own machines where you can see and feel it. If you have the staff, the spare machines, the bandwidth and more than one location hosting 3CX yourself is the right approach. All too often though, especially if the client is operating from a single location without dedicated IT staff, hosting in the cloud is the right way to go.

Cloud based systems have crept into the market almost unnoticed with platforms such as Facebook, Gmail and LinkedIn achieving mass market penetration delivered exclusively via the cloud. Put simply, you don’t own the software or the server it’s delivered from, you have no idea where that server is located and do not care either; the service is provided and used on a utility basis. Hosting in the cloud has many advantages with most major software vendors choosing that delivery route; Microsoft for example are not alone in moving Office into an almost exclusively cloud solution. The main advantage for the client is there is nothing for them to maintain, update or service which means servers never need patching or replacing or indeed buying in the first place! Wizards default choice is the Google Compute Engine which we have chosen as it delivers a flexible, on-demand amount of computing power, RAM and storage which can be scaled up and down as required. There are many similar services available so why have we chosen Google? Firstly there is the pricing, setup and use costs are low and keep low while the service is in use and Google guarantee data never leaves Western Europe meaning your calls don’t either. Plus it’s a massively scaling system from a quality vendor which means we are choosing someone likely to be in business while you need them. The other factor about the Google Compute Engine is availability; in the event the hardware running your PBX fails, the service seamlessly fails over to another server without any interruption to service.

Hosting your own server on site means in the event either the machine hosting the application or the internet connection fails, the service itself fails; calls can be neither made nor received. The major advantage to hosting 3CX on the Google Compute Engine is availability; as we have seen the hardware server itself does not fail as another machine simply spins up to replace it. Most important of all, Wizards configure your 3CX server so that should your Internet connection fail calls are redirected to other numbers. Those numbers are chosen by you; they are either landlines or more usually mobiles. 3CX also gives you free access to their softphone apps that mean you can make and receive calls on your smartphone. In this way even if lose your Internet connection or your building becomes unusable you can make and receive calls.

This high availability is the reason for choosing hosted 3CX from Wizards. 

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