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ZOHO CRM, Campaign & Connect


Wizards are an authorised referral partner for ZOHO CRM, Campaigns and Connect tools the features of which are as follows:

If you have any questions about ZOHO CRM please contact us on or call on 0333 241 7707 

Ian Charles Wizards & Interim Sales Director Paul Lloyd @paullloyd1 ZOHO CRM and how it delivers you more business:

ZOHO CRM ZOHO Campaigns  ZOHO Connect 
ZOHO CRM delivers improved workflow and automated tasks which means you focus on creating and capturing opportunities. Integrating directly with ZOHO CRM, Campaigns is a low cost email marketing tool that delivers the following: ZOHO Connect is your organisation’s private social network allowing your employees and teams to collaborate and share privately in real time.

Improve Workflow to Sell More!

ZOHO CRM prioritises your activities and automates routine sales tasks ensuring you address those prospects that will deliver the sales you need.

Easy to Use and Easy to Track

Straightforward design and send mean you can create and send bespoke campaigns. Built in tools track all aspects of your campaigns meaning maximum RoI with tracking of real leads.

Stay Connected with Your People

ZOHO Connect keeps your employees connected and engaged

Mobile Apps!

ZOHO CRM includes a free smartphone app enabling your mobile workforce to track both progress and clients in real time.

Manage Mailing Lists

Create and manage your own lists growing and segmenting according to client needs and audience responses.

Mobile Apps!

ZOHO CRM includes a smartphone app enabling your mobile workforce stays in touch in real time.

Capture Leads from Your Website!

ZOHO CRM tracks webiste visitors and their journey through which means your website is the lead generation tool leaving you free to focus on following up the leads generated.

Understand Clients and Prospects

Seeing how they react to various campaigns means you get a better grip on how customers and prospects work and what they expect from you as a supplier.

Real Time Communication

Increase efficiency and encourage communication with direct engagement between the management and employees.

Data Driven Marketing 

ZOHO CRM integration with ZOHO Campaigns delivers immediate RoI feedback on marketing activities such as email campaigns, advertising and outbound campaigns. 

Mailing List Testing

No lead generation system is perfect so ZOHO Campaigns allows you segment your audience and at low cost send campaigns to various groups according to the needs of their sector.

Collaborate in a Single Place

You organisation works smarter with a central point for information, communications and ideas. Unified business systems, activities and processes means your team works as one.

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