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Business Development Strategy

Are You Looking for More Business? 

Do you have a formal Business Development Strategy? Using a mix of both email marketing and thoroughly researched lead generation, Wizards have a track record of success developing both existing clients and new name accounts

Business Development Strategy 

Ask yourself the following Business Development Strategy questions and make sure you answer honestly!

  • Do you Have a formal marketing plan?
  • How much growth do you want?
  • How much have you grown historically? 
  • What does acquiring a new client cost you?
  • How long does it take to acquire a new client?
  • What experience do you have of marketing and sales?

What is your Wallet Share with Existing Clients?

  • Are you maximising returns from current customers?
  • How are you protecting yourself from competitors in your customer base?

Which Clients Make the Most Profit?

  • Where is your sweet spot? 
  • Is that sweet spot geographic or based on a vertical market?
  • Do you have any particular industry knowledge or expertise?

Based on these questions Wizards can help by provding the following:

Formal Marketing Plan 

We all know that however good you are, clients die for a variety of reasosn; they might be sold, go out of business, personnel change meaning you need to add new clients to replace those lost. To achieve this and a true Business Development Strategy you need a marketing plan which must  include the following elements:

Maximise Sales to Existing Customers

Any Business Development Strategy must include existing clients; the easiest sales to make are to existing customers and you need to protect yourself from competitor attack by ensurung you take all their spend!

Targeted Database of Prospects

Your Business Development Strategy must identify propective clients who are people who can buy and use your services and so fit your profile of ideal clients; whether that is within a certain distance from your office, particular professional sectors, numbers of PCs etc. we can identify suitable companies, we will create a database to begin to market to them.

Ian Charles of Wizards Interim Sales Director Paul Lloyd @paullloyd1 discuss how a Wizards Business Development Strategy will deliver you more business:

To know more about how Wizards can help you build your Business Development Strategy contact us on 0333 241 7707 or use

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